Snow Removal & Deicing

In the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Protect your customers and coworkers from hazardous winter conditions on your company’s grounds with our snow removal and deicing service.

Clear the way for customers, clients, and co-workers with commercial snow removal & deicing in the South Hills of Pittsburgh & surrounding areas.

Our experienced professionals are equipped to do heavy-duty snow removal and deicing of the grounds around your business.

Become our next satisfied client with our commercial snow removal and deicing service. We’re equipped to handle heavy-duty jobs to help keep your business moving and the customers flowing. Our snow removal professionals are ready to make the grounds surrounding your business safe and travel worthy for clients and co-workers alike, even after heavy snowfall and freezing weather events.

At M.J. Donas Landscaping, we have the experience and equipment to clear out and remove snow and ice in and around McMurray, Canonsburg, and Venetia, PA.

PA Winters: How Much Snow, Most Active Months, & Protecting Your Business From Snow Pileup

In McMurray, Canonsburg, Venetia, and surrounding PA areas, the average amount of annual snowfall is roughly 29 inches. The most active months that we experience snow and freezing weather are December through March, with some winters being more severe than others.

We can protect the property surrounding your business from allowing snow to pile up and keep ice from making your walkways impossible to traverse. Just because schools get a snow day doesn’t mean your business has to!

According to the Center for Disease Control, there were 34,860 workplace injuries in 2014 that were caused by slips and falls on sleet, snow, or ice!
Details About Our Commercial Snow Removal & Deicing Services

Our professionals will ensure those entering and exiting your business are free from the hazards of slippery ice and heavily-piled snow. We provide service on your entire property, which includes plowing parking areas, clearing sidewalks, and laying down deicers. We use large plows to clear your parking lots and we shovel or snow blow your sidewalks and steps, followed by de-icer. Typically, we leave the snow piled at the edges of your property out of the way, but we can also provide snow removal and hauling. Our goal is to help minimize the impact that severe weather has on your operations.

We use a rock salt mix to melt and deice your parking lot. Our goal is to provide your clients and employees a clear area to park their vehicles and ice-free walkways so they have easy access to your building in any winter weather condition.

To prevent any damage that rock salt can cause to cement surfaces, we use calcium chloride on your steps and sidewalks.

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At M.J. Donas Landscaping, we keep your business humming along and make your grounds more welcoming for customers during the winter months with our commercial snow removal and deicing service. Make sure to get your name on our snow removal client list before the first snowflakes fall.

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