Landscape Installation & Planting

In the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Refresh your property with our custom landscape installation and planting, which includes 3D renderings that will show multiple views of the design.

Professional custom landscape installation & planting In the South Hills of Pittsburgh & surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

You will be guided through selecting plants and layouts that we will install and that are designed to suit your residential or commercial property.

Add a fresh look to your property and breathe life into your yard with our custom landscape installation and planting. Our projects are designed to suit your specific property and needs and our professionals will guide you through the selection of plants and layouts.

At Donas Outdoor Living, we put our experience to work for you with pro softscaping design and implementation in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. We service both residential and commercial properties.

Planning Your Landscaping Project to Create Balance, Proportion, & Unity

Our pros will walk you through the process with an in-depth consultation. We will ensure that your project has a clean, professional look which creates an even balance of plant life. Keeping the proper proportion and unity will allow your property to stand out and highlight the features of your yard, home, or business.

Planning your landscaping project can seem overwhelming. However, our seasoned professionals will make the process enjoyable! We will be mindful of your wishes and vision while ensuring the most ideal plants are selected.

During the consultation and planning process, we will help you choose focal points to create the look you desire while ensuring the plants you select will thrive.

3D Designs & Renderings for a Virtual View of Plantings

We use software to create 3D designs and renderings for plantings to ensure your project outcome reaches beyond your expectations. Using both ProLandscape or Real-Time Landscape, we are able to create a realistic model which can be manipulated in real time to show multiple views of the design. We can simulate future plant growth and even offer a virtual view of the outcome during both day and night

The Process of Preparing Your Property

Before installing your softscaping project, we will work to prepare the property surrounding your home or business. We will remove existing landscaping or start fresh on newly built properties. After the old landscaping is cleared, we begin the process of preparing the beds and installing ground covers. We can also install curbing to create clear borders around the newly installed plants. We install sod, and we can handle excavating, grading, and the installation of french drains where needed. 

Common Plants & Trees We Install That Thrive in the Area

We are knowledgeable about the plants that thrive in the areas in and around McMurray, Canonsburg, and Venetia, PA and offer a variety of choices for your project. Our design experts will make sure you are choosing plants and trees that will live beautifully on your property. Some of the common plants and trees we install are:

We will help you pick the blooming plants that you desire. We don’t usually plant annual flowers, but we will provide them if needed. The trees we commonly plant are magnolia, maples, oaks, birch, and Bradford pear.

During the design phase, you will be able to simulate exactly which trees and plants you choose to be certain they provide the look you want.

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