Grading & Drainage

In the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Whether you need grading done for a landscaping or hardscaping project, or your property is in need of drainage solutions to avoid standing water issues, our trained professionals can do the job!

Grading, light excavating, and drainage solutions provided for residents in the South Hills of Pittsburgh & surrounding communities in PA.

Our professionals will keep your outdoor living space in good condition by providing grading and drainage solutions that keep rainfall water away from your home.

At M.J. Donas Landscaping, our experts can take care of flooding and drainage issues on your property by providing proper light excavating, grading, and drainage solutions. Both grading and drainage solutions can help create better landscaping and keep your outdoor living space in good condition. In addition, without a proper drainage system in place, it could spell bad news for the basement level of your home during heavy rainfall, as the water will pool around your foundation rather than be moved away.

Residents living in McMurray, Canonsburg, and Venetia, PA are able to hire our professionals for their property’s grading and drainage needs!

Grading & Light Excavating Is Done for Landscaping & for Hardscaping

At M.J. Donas Landscaping, we do light excavating for both commercial and residential areas. Primarily, we focus on grading in conjunction with design and installation preparation. In landscaping, grading is the leveling or sculpting of the land to prepare for planting or hardscaping. Hardscaping elements that may require some grading on your property include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Stairs

Grading is considered a foundation service because it helps you create the baseline for your landscaping and hardscaping projects. Grading is also important for preventing land erosion and for sloping your land to help water flow away from your home naturally.

We work with customers on their existing properties to make small but impactful solutions on their property using grading solutions.

Different Types of Drainage Installation Systems to Keep Your Property Clear of Standing Water

Grading is only one part of the solution when it comes to redirecting water from your property. A combination of grading and proper drainage is going to keep flooding from occurring on your property or in your home.

If grading is properly performed, no pools of water should be forming on your lawn. To make sure, we offer drainage installation systems that will make sure your home and property stay free and clear of standing water issues.

French Drain

French drains help redirect your water from the lawn by sending it down a drain. French drains are created with small trenches and a perforated pipe that directs the flow of water away from the foundation, following the grade of the property. French drains also help eliminate runoff water and erosion to your proper


Downspouts placed on the ground are meant to help redirect water from your roof and property, away from your home and landscaping. A typical downspout will make sure the water reaches at least five feet away from your immediate home perimeter. When possible, we try to redirect the water to a solid surface, such as your driveway.

Rain Leaders

Rain leaders are pipes that collect water from the gutters and downspouts and move that water away from the home. Rain leaders eliminate stormwater from affecting your home’s foundation. Additionally, rain leaders aid in:

  • Keeping your basement dry
  • Keeping the flowers in your landscape beds from being drowned
  • Keeping your landscaping from being washed out or eroded

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Whether you are looking to add a hardscaping element, redo the landscaping on your property, or simply need a solution for water issues on your property, we can help! At M.J. Donas Landscaping, our team members are experts at adjusting your property with grading and drainage solutions that will make a world of difference to your interior and exterior.

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