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Boulders and water fall water feature installed at a home in McMurray, PA.

Water Features in McMurray, Canonsburg, & Venetia, PA

We professionally install ornamental and functional water features.

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Our company provides water feature installation services to clients in McMurray, Canonsburg, Venetia, and nearby communties.

Whether you desire a grand water fountain to add splendor to your property or a pondless waterfall to create a natural ambiance, we've got you covered.

Beautiful landscape garden with pond and water bowl feature near Canonsburg, PA.

If you're looking to add tranquility and natural beauty to your outdoor living areas, a water feature installation is the perfect option for you. With versatility in size, shape, and function, we can install a water feature that seamlessly blends with your current backyard or completely renovate your current landscape design. Either way, you'll be left with a relaxing getaway in your own backyard and improve your overall curb appeal with this popular landscape element.

Water features are a great addition to installations like custom patios, outdoor kitchens, and landscape design renovations. Let us transform your outdoor living area into a tranquil oasis for you and your family! Contact us to install a water feature on your McMurray, Canonsburg, or Venetia, PA property today!

Selection of Water Features

We offer a variety of water features to perfectly accent your home or property. They vary in size, feature, and level of grandeur to pleasantly complement any landscape design.

Pondless Waterfall

These simplistic waterfalls are one of the most sought out water features because they're able to be built with limited yard space.

They're great for homes with children because there's no actual body of water present which makes them a safe alternative to traditional ponds. Water is simply re-circulated using a water pump and in-ground reservoir.

The depth and size of the waterfall can vary. We can install a serene waterfall that mimics a babbling brook or a more dramatic waterfall that has a longer drop.

A pondless waterfall build with stone in Venetia, PA.

Decorative Water Fountain

Decorative water fountains make for an outstanding focal point in your landscape design. They can be constructed from a variety of materials including stone, stainless steel, and cement.

Multi-level water fountain feature installed in Venetia, PA.

They range in size from small to grandiose and can be customized to any shape. Some popular outdoor water fountains include pipe fountains, disappearing fountains, spouting fountains, and self-contained fountains.

Round water fountain design installed by a custom patio in Canonsburg, PA.

Traditional Ponds

Having a body of water on your property creates a serene and tranquil outdoor living area. Elements like pebbles and stones can further enhance the natural beauty that ponds provide.

Happy dog sitting on a rock next to a koi pond near Venetia, PA.

Backyard ponds create a calming oasis that you can escape to when you need to deeply relax. The soothing sound of water masks the bothersome noise from street traffic or rowdy neighbors.

Water bowl feature emptying into a landscape pond near McMurray, PA.

Winterscape with snow covered trees and a landscape pond in McMurray, PA.

Water & Fire Features

Combine the beauty of fire and water into one grand outdoor feature. This is an ideal water feature for homeowners who really want to stand out from usual neighborhood homes.

A common design for this opulent feature includes a central fire bowl surrounded by streams of falling water. Another popular design is a linear fire pit surrounded by an infinity style water perimeter.

A water and fire feature built by a home in McMurray, PA.

Water Features Photo Gallery

Why You Need a Water Feature in your Landscape Design

  • The everyday responsibilities and demands of life make it impossible to get away every time we feel the need to. Being able to step outside and hear the sounds of cascading water and natural sounds creates a calming oasis for you to relax and rest in.
  • All living creatures need water to survive so installing a water feature in your outdoor area will attract friendly wildlife to your property. Birds and butterflies will find a harmonious haven right in your backyard.
  • Water features are very low maintenance and don't need constant monitoring. Essentially, water is re-circulating so you're conserving water and preventing heavy bacteria growth.
  • The presence of a water feature in your landscape design improves your overall curb appeal and drastically increases your property value.

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Water features are low maintenance, elegant elements to include in outdoor living areas. Our company has spent over a decade perfecting the landscape design and installation process. If you own a home or property in McMurray, Canonsburg, Venetia, PA, or a nearby city, call us at (412) 913-1962 to schedule a consultation today!

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