Landscape Trimming & Pruning

In the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Keep your landscape plants well-shaped and growing healthy with trimming and pruning that is done by knowledgeable experts.

Preserve the look and health of your grounds with professional landscape trimming in the South Hills of Pittsburgh & the surrounding areas.

Even after a professional installation of landscaping and design–there is still work to be done! Plant life must be maintained regularly to foster the look and outcome you desire. Our knowledge of the plants in the region will ensure their health and future growth. Our professional landscape trimming service will manage both the growth and appearance of your plant life, resulting in a manicured look year-round.

At Donas Outdoor Living, we provide experienced residential and commercial trimming and pruning services in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Importance of Regular Trimming

Regular trimming of your plants is not only cosmetic, but it also keeps them healthy. Keeping a great looking property is a financial investment worth protecting. Many of your plants provide shade to your home and yard, making the areas more enjoyable and relaxing.

Proper treatments, including trimming and pruning help to prevent disease and sunlight blockage. Properly maintained plant life is also less likely to strike your home or business during high winds. The lifespan of your landscape plants will increase when they receive regular care. Our professionals ensure that their structures can withstand the elements throughout the year and prevent them from becoming overgrown. 

Difference Between Pruning and Trimming

There is a distinct difference between pruning and trimming for plant well-being. Trimming is the process of creating and maintaining a certain look. Many of our clients have box hedges on their properties. These require regular trimmings to keep the sides flush and square. Without regular care, branches begin to poke out and they lose their aesthetic appeal.

Trees and other bushes require trimming to allow for healthy blooming and to create space for blossoms.

Pruning is the selective removal of dead or overgrown branches. Without proper pruning, the overall health of a plant declines. If unhealthy overgrowth occurs, some plants may not bloom as expected and nearby plants may be affected.

How Often Is Trimming Required

Different plants require different types of maintenance, which varies depending upon the time of year. In our region of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, the late winter is an ideal time to prune many plants. Pruning before spring allows the wounded part of dormant plants to be exposed prior to new growth and can help prevent bacterial disease and fireblight. Plants that bloom in summer and fall should be pruned in the first part of spring. Examples include sweetshrub, beautyberry, and summersweet, which benefit from pruning prior to their buds opening.

Box shrubs are typically first pruned in mid-May and will need additional sessions in September or October. But they may need to be trimmed more often to preserve their shape.

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