Why Do we use it ?

As the sun goes down, the elegance and subtlety of properly designed lighting can create a stunning night time effect. Nothing has a greater effect on the comfort of an individual than the quality of light. Think about how you feel when approaching a dark house compared to how you feel when entering the property of a beautifully illuminated home. A proper lighting design recognizes this and creates a scene where the viewer is an active participant in a relaxing outdoor environment. This is achieved by: smooth transitions, varied light levels that direct the eye naturally from one area to another and create depth, balanced lighting across the scene, focal points, visual direction.


Path Lighting

Use path lighting to light your sidewalks or bed lines. This will add safety as well as help bring your landscape to life at night.

Water Feature Lighting

Use waterproof lighting to illuminate your ponds and waterfalls. This turns one feature into two by bringing it to life at night.

Under Cap Lighting

Use under cap lighting to light up your hardscape features at night. From walls, to fire places, to bar & grill stations, lighting will help to make your outdoor living spaces more usable at night.

Up Lighting

Use up lights to highlight certain elements of the landscape. From trees, to shrubs, to features on a home, up lighting will bring light to any dark place while creating a beautiful setting

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