Spring & Fall Cleanups

In the South Hills of PIttsburgh, PA.

Our landscape professionals handle spring and fall cleanups, which involve leaf removal, yard debris removal, trimming, mulching, and more. Our cleanup services are also available for some overgrown and neglected properties.

We provide spring and fall cleanups in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA & surrounding areas.

Staying ahead of the game is important for the health and prosperity of your plant life, and will help prevent your home from being buried in plant debris. We are equipped and experienced to manage spring and fall cleanups in our region to promote the health, well-being, and tidy look of your property.

We provide professional service in and around McMurray, Canonsburg, and Venetia, PA.

Leaf Removal

We have a process for leaf removal that is fast and efficient. Our pros can blow leaves out of your plant beds and lawn, then use vacuum equipment to suck them onto our trucks for hauling. We also lay down large tarps to blow leaves onto before hauling them away. Both methods leave your grass and beds clear and open to the proper sunlight and moisture they need to thrive. We can also manage the curbside removal of bagged leaves and lawn debris

Lawn Cleanups.

We will apply our experience to provide lawn cleanups that leave your plants and yard looking their best. We provide trimming, mulching, edging/reshaping services, and hand pulling and spraying of weeds. The health and long life of your plants depend upon the health of their surrounding beds. Allowing debris and leaves to take over will prevent them from receiving the proper nutrients. Our clean up services will prevent the build-up of debris and leaves which can hinder healthy growth and create an eye-sore. We can also service overgrown or neglected properties, but we typically work to prevent these scenarios. 

Benefits of Regular Raking and Leaf Removal During Fall

Keeping your lawn and property clear of excess leaves with regular raking is largely cosmetic, but also serves an important purpose for the health of your plants and grass. Come winter, the grass becomes dormant and will most likely not suffer because of the leaves. But with significant tree cover, leaves pile up and can become covered in piles of snow.

This situation can create a hassle when spring comes around and can prevent your grass from coming back to the beautiful green you desire. If you neglect large amounts of fallen leaves long enough, your soil may need further treatment to be restored.

We can help to prevent the need for soil restoration and leaf pile up with our clean up and leaf removal during fall.

If you have large areas with tree cover (20% or more), you will encounter significant amounts of fallen leaves every fall.
When To Schedule Yard Cleanup and Leaf Removal

In areas like McMurray and nearby communities like Canonsburg and Venetia, PA, the most ideal time to schedule our professionals for yard clean up and leaf removal during the spring is March, April, and May and during the fall in September, October, and November. It is best to service a lawn for clean up in the early spring to clear your beds and lawn to allow for healthy new growth. In the fall months, it may be best to schedule cleanups twice; once in mid-fall and once toward the end. Heading into the winter months with clear lawns and properly trimmed plants will ensure they re-emerge in their best health come spring. 

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